The problem is not only the parking...

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Good evening,

I participated to the presentation in April at the Nobelaer and I find it appreciable such a type of wide and open democracy.

I would like to make few comments though regarding the plan, because as I mentioned already then, the problem we have in Wilhelminalaan is the customers of the koffieshop.

1)They park everywhere, so often there is no space to park our car

2) you allow a koffieshop in a woonwijk near the center and the Hertenkamp, where it is known little children use to go and play

3) you let a "burden" devaluate our houses (we wanted to sell and the price went down compared to market value, because of the koffieshop)- why does this "presence" has to weigh on our shoulders, as we pay the same taxes as any other house owner in Etten- Leur?

My proposal is to move the Koffieshop near the Mc Donald, where customers can go and stay, with enough parking and out of the crowded neighbourhood.

So not only we do not have problems with the parking and our cars being damaged by the continued come and go of the cars, but also the moral level and safety of our neighbourhood is brought back to "normal" levels, as we expect by a civil community and Town Hall.

Last but not least- this has to do with my way of looking at art, but please take it into consideration: the current status of the Van Googh Plein has nothing to do with the high level of celebrity with which this famous Dutch painter is considered worldwide. Considering that he has lived in this area, it would be good- and even due to his memory- a more colourful and decorated square.



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